My Wonder Woman Prompted Journal


This journal is set up as a tool to help you see and recognize the Wonder Woman moments that you have in every day. It is also set up to encourage self love and growth with in your self. There are example pages to help you get started. The purpose of the prompts are to walk you through and help you recognize the inner Wonder Woman inside of you.


The goal of this journal is to recognize and celebrate you. We are not going to dwell on short coming and self shame. There is no right or wrong way to journal. This is meant to be fun, not to be over whelming. When you open up the journal you will see a place to write your name, and introduction page and an affirmation example page, and a prompt example page. These are meant as a reference if you are having a hard time coming up with ideas to write.

Start each day with an affirmation, because we are what we tell ourselves. Gratitude comes next, because being grateful creates a magnet for miracles. My hope for you with this journal is to see the good, embrace the hard, learn to laugh, show and feel love. Sometimes your Wonder Woman moment may be just breathing or that you got the laundry done. Write those wins down! This may sound backwards but also include your difficult experiences and feelings so you can look back at those moments and celebrate that you have survived 100% of life’s storms. There is also a place to write down how you got out of your comfort zone each day. it is there to help push you to grow because life begins out side of our comfort zones. The last 2 prompts are HOW I SHOWED LOVE TODAY, and HOW I FELT LOVE TODAY. for you to see and recognize that you are loved.

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