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My Wonder Girl Journal


The Wonder Girl Journal isn’t to change girls to BE Wonder Girls. It’s a tool to help them see the Wonder Girl that is already inside of them. When we teach our girls to look for and recognize their Wonder Girl moments each day, we are able to watch girls celebrate that amazing girl that already exists inside.

My Wonder Woman Gratitude Journal


If you are looking to begin journaling, but aren’t quite sure where to start, listing your gratitude is a great place to begin. Journaling doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Simply take a few moments each day to track the things that make you feel grateful and see how gratitude can help you to heal.

The Original My Wonder Woman Journal


The Original My Wonder Woman Journal was created to inspire women to look for their Wonder Woman moments throughout each day. Recognizing and celebrating your successes is what we live for and allows for healing to occur. Through gratitude lists and daily recognition of your successes, you too can Find Healing Between the Pages.